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Twin Creeks District

Lease Survey Summary

The Twin Creeks District of K-State Research & Extension is conducting a survey of 2022 farm land leasing arrangements for each of the 4 counties within the District, Decatur, Graham, Norton, and Sheridan.  The purpose of these surveys is to gain a better understanding of current conditions in our area related to rental arrangements.  Summary reports of the data will be available to all those who participate and will be shared as a general reference when requested by the public.  The results will only be used in Twin Creeks District programming, with all individual responses kept strictly confidential.

After completing the survey, please return it to your local Twin Creeks District Office by Tuesday, February 28, 2023. After the February 28th deadline, a summary of the collected surveys will be available on this page as well.

Your input is critical to insure this survey is representative of our counties, and we want to thank you in advance for your participation. 

2022 Decatur County Surveys

2022 Graham County Surveys

2022 Norton County Surveys

2022 Sheridan County Surveys



Past Years Survey Summaries

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