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Twin Creeks District

Join 4-H

All out-of-county enrollment requests must be submitted to your Twin Creeks District Extension office prior to November 1st of the enrollment year. Thank You!


The network of families that grows great kids. Raising great kids is a challenging task, but it's easier when you have a team of people behind you. 4-H clubs are groups of families that do just that. Through working together, families share knowledge and interests to help kids learn practical skills and important values.

Visit the State 4-H website

Are you interested in Joining 4-H?

Consider visiting your local clubs to see which club you'd like to join.   There are also specific project related activities throughout the year for various projects.

To enroll you just need to choose a club and enroll Online.  For instructions on enrolling online please see the enrollment guides below or contact one of our local Twin Creeks Extension District Offices. Once you have enrolled you will receive a packet of New 4-H Family information!