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Calf Need current livestock budgets for your enterprise?  Want research-based information when making a management decision?  Know a group of kids that are interested in learning more about livestock?  Contact us!  Twin Creeks Extension provides science-based information to help farmers and ranchers make decisions on their operations.  Educational programs, written articles, and personal contact help clients stay current on livestock issues.  We can provide specific information for your livestock questions, formulate rations, use science-based tools to help you make management decisions, and more. 


Current Topics

Lease Survey Summaries
Feed Management
Nitrate Toxicity
Prussic Acid Poisoning
Forage Sampling
Mycotoxins in Feed Grains
K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Resources 

Upcoming Area Programs



Sheep & Goat Management Meeting

Co-Grazing Presentation

Health Presentation

Nutrition Presentation

Preparing for Lambing & Kidding Presentation

Lambing & Kidding Presentation

Sheep & Goat Management Meeting Summary

OSU Meat Goat Marketing Publication

University of Maryland Small Ruminant Website



Alyssa Rippe-May

Livestock Production & Farm Management

(785) 475-8121