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Twin Creeks District is committed to providing you timely, research-based information on crop production in Kansas.  We can provide information on leasing and rental rates, crop budgets, soil testing, pest management, and more.  Contact any Twin Creeks District office for information, publications, and services.  


Current Topics

Economics of Agriculture During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Videos with Keith VanSkike

Farm Bill Meeting

Lease Survey Results


Chloride as a topdressing nutrient for wheat

Recommendations for topdressing wheat with sulfur

First hollow stem update-March 18, 2020

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat

Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas- March 20, 2020

Twin Creeks District Wheat Plot Information
2019 Roger May Wheat Plot Yields
2019 Roger May & Larry and Brian Miller Wheat Plot Tours Flyer
Useful Wheat Publications

2019 Winter Wheat Performance Test for Kansas

2018 Winter Wheat Performance Test for Kansas

2017 Winter Wheat Performance Test for Kansas

Wheat Varieties Disease and Insect Ratings
Hessian Fly - MF2866
Early Spring Freeze to Kansas Wheat
 * Evaluating the Need for Wheat Foliar Fungicides *
Foliar Fungicide Efficacy Ratings for Wheat Disease Management *
 * Identifying Rust Diseases of Wheat and Barley *
Identification and Management of Stem Rust on Wheat and Barley
 * Wheat Disease Identification * * Wheat Insect Management  *
CSU Ram Wheat Database

Custom Work and Leasing:

Local Cash Rent Surveys
2011-2012 Farmland Leasing Arrangement Survey for Dryland Crops
2011 Crop Residue Grazing Survey
2011-2012 Pasture Leasing Arrangement Survey
Useful Custom Work and Leasing Publications
Custom Rates Calculator
Leasing vs. Buying Farm Machinery
 Farm Machinery Papers (All)
Land & Leasing (Buying, Rental Rates, Forms, etc.)


Alfalfa Weevil
Alfalfa Production Handbook
Army Cutworm