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Twin Creeks District

Governing Boards

The District Extension Governing board consists of four members elected from each county within the Extension District. Two individuals from each county are elected to a four year term in the November elections during odds years. If you are interested in running for the Extension District Governing Board, you must apply through your local County Clerk office by June 1st of the election year. Term limits do not exist for elected members of the Governing Board.

  2021 Board Meetings                                                                                                       2021 Board Minutes
  • January 20th- Hill City                                                                                               January 2021
  • February 24th- Hoxie                                                                                                February 2021
  • March 17th- Oberlin                                                                                                  March 2021
  • April 21st- Norton                                                                                                      April 2021
  • May 19th- Hill City                                                                                                     May 2021
  • June 16th- Norton                                                                                                     June 2021
  • July 12- Hoxie
  • August 18th- Decatur
  • September 15th- Norton
  • October 20th- Hill City
  • November 17th- Hoxie
  • December 15th- Decatur

2020-2021 Extension Executive Board

Term Expires
ChairJulie DavisGraham2024
Vice ChairRhonda Gaede Sheridan2024
SecretarySheryl UngerDecatur2026
TreasurerCindy LinnerNorton2026
MemberBrett MariettaDecatur2024
MemberTravis HissongDecatur2026
MemberMike NeffDecatur2024
MemberChris HartingNorton2024
MemberRegina StarkNorton2026
MemberDarren OelkeSheridan2024
MemberKyle EmighSheridan2026
MemberHarry Joe PrattSheridan2026
MemberTerry GriffithGraham2024
MemberLance PostGraham2026
MemberRoseanne BillipsGraham2026