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Twin Creeks District

Volunteers & Leaders

Are you interested in volunteering for 4-H?

There are many ways to volunteer for 4-H. You can be a superintendent at the Fair, help with Day Camps, Project Activities, or events. You can be a Community Club leader and help lead a group of youth. Or maybe you have a passion or skill for something specific, you could be a project leader. Everyone has something to share and there is a place for everyone to volunteer for 4-H.

To become a volunteer:

As a volunteer for Twin Creeks Extension District, you are required to complete a 4HOnline profile, the Volunteer Orientation and CBC Screening to ensure that our youth learn in a safe, positive youth development environment. Please see the following document for further instructions.

If you are a continuing volunteer:

As a continuing volunteer for Twin Creeks Extension District, you are required to re-enroll on the 4HOnline website. Your Volunteer Orientation only needs to be completed once unless otherwise instructed. You will need to be re-screened for the CBC Screening after 3 years. You will be contacted by your local office if this is needed. Please see the following document below for further instructions


Community Club Leaders

Are you interested in being a Community Club Leader?

Being a club leader is a rewarding experience and also a commitment. Club Leaders organize a 4-H Community club by coordinating members, leaders and their families to determine a plan for their club. Community Club Leaders involve their youth in becoming competent caring, connected citizens of character in their community and help them grow to be the leaders of tomorrow. If you are interested in being a Club Leader contact your local Extension Office:

  • Decatur Office - 785-475-8121
  • Graham Office - 785-421-3411
  • Norton Office - 785-877-5755
  • Sheridan Office - 785-675-3268

Project Leaders

Are you interested in being Project Leader?

Project leaders have passion, knowledge or skills in a particular project area. You can be a project leader and plan yearly activities countywide or for your club. Or you can lead a Project Club that meets regularly to learn in their project.

If you are a 4-H member, you can also help lead by being a Junior Project Leader to use your experience and help other 4-H'ers grow in their project.