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Twin Creeks District

District 4-H Events & Activities


  • 5th- Norton County 4-H Council meeting
  • 12th- Norton County Favorite Food Show. POSTPONED
  • 25th-27th- Norton County Denver Trip


  • 3rd- Graham County 4-H Council Meeting
  • 9th- Sheridan Beef Weigh-In
  • 16-17th- CIA
  • 19th- Graham County Beef Weigh-In
  • 20th- Sheridan 4-H Council Meeting (Zoom)
  • 21st-22nd- Ambasador Training
  • 23rd- Graham County Beef Weigh-In
  • 23rd- Favorite Food Show Workshop (Norton)
  • 23rd- Norton County 4-H Council



  • 3rd- Graham County Club Day CANCELLED (individual only entries will be submitted using video)
  • 5th- Norton County 4-H Council Meeting ZOOM
  • 13th- District Club Day (in Hill City) TO BE DETERMINED
  • 18th- Space Tech Day in Great Bend TO BE DETERMINED
  • 18th- Bee Hotel Workshop in Norton TO BE DETERMINED
  • 24th- Last day to pick up bucket calf tags-Sheridan
  • 24th- 4-H Council Meeting - Sheridan TBD: ZOOM OR FACE-TO-FACE
  • 25th- Bee Hotel Workshop Snow Date in Norton ZOOM
  • 25th- Decatur Small Animal Weigh-In CANCELLED


  • 1st- Project Add/Drop Deadline
  • 1st- Horse ID's Due
  • 2nd- Decatur Small Animal Weigh-In (Snow Date) CANCELLED
  • 4th- Graham County Small Animal Weigh-In CANCELLED
  • 6th- Graham County Small Animal Weigh-In CANCELLED
  • 11th- Decatur County 4-H Council Meeting ZOOM
  • 18th- Graham County 4-H Council Meeting ZOOM
  • 21st- Decatur County YQCA CANCELLED
  • 21st- Decatur Day Camp CANCELLED
  • 22nd- Decatur Favorite Food Show CANCELLED
  • 31st- Camp Counselor Training CANCELLED


  • 1-4th- Rock Springs Camp CANCELLED
  • 11th- Norton 4-H Council ZOOM
  • 15th- Angelus Club Meeting ZOOM
  • 16th- Sheridan 4-H Council ZOOM
  • 22-25th- Campference CANCELLED
  • 22nd Graham 4-H Council Meeting ZOOM


  • 2nd- Norton Day Camp
  • 18th- Norton Photo Judging
  • 19-25th- Norton & Sheridan County Fairs
  • 25-30th- Graham County Fair
  • 25th- Ag Challenge of Champions


  • 4-8th- Decatur County Fair

State 4-H Events & Activities