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Twin Creeks District

District 4-H Events & Activities


Decatur Club Day by Crystal Twin Creeks


  • 4th: Graham County Club Day
  • 5th: Norton Beef Weigh-In
  • 14th: Decatur County Club Day
  • 26th: Super Saturday Hays
  • 27th: Norton County Club Day
  • 28th: Sheridan County Club Day


  • 5th: District Club Day
  • 10th: Sheridan Small Animal Weigh-In
  • 18th: Sheridan and Graham County YQCA
  • 30th: H.O.T. Tractor Safety Training- Hill City



  • 1-3rd: Discovery Days- Manhattan


  • 5th: Norton County Day Camp
  • 5th: Norton YQCA
  • 18th-23rd: Sheridan County Fair
  • 25th-31st: Norton County Fair
  • 29th- August 4th: Graham County Fair


  • July 29th- August 4th: Graham County Fair
  • August 2-6th: Decatur County Fair