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Twin Creeks District

Twin Creeks District Board Members

Twin Creeks Extension District, including Norton, Decatur and Sheridan Counties, are looking for one potential volunteer board member to represent Sheridan County and one member to represent Norton County.  Board members are normally elected unless a member resigns before their term is up.  When this happens, the board must appoint new members to fulfill the rest of the term.  Board members are unpaid volunteers.  Four representatives from each county serve on the board.

The Extension Board, in partnership with the area director, is responsible for leading educational programs, supervising professional Extension agent staff and developing budgets.  Board member responsibilities are listed below:
·         Participate in monthly board meetings that rotate locations with the District
·         Review Board Leadership website
·         Review minutes, financial statements, and agent reports
·         Become familiar with all program areas
·         Get to know all agents and their programming
·         Attend Extension-sponsored events
·         Advocate for Extension programming
·         Participate as a Program Development Committee (PDC) member for one of the four program areas       
It is important for board members to be advocates of Extension and to understand the Extension mission.  
So what does Extension do?  K-State Research and Extension is a federal, state, and local partnership that is dedicated to improving quality of life for communities, families and youth through integrated research, analysis and community education.  Extension Agents work to meet needs in the community by connecting people to K-State research and resources by providing trustworthy community education.  Extension addresses four areas of education including agriculture, youth development, family and consumer sciences, and community vitality.  
If you are interested in serving as a board member, please contact your local Extension Office.  
Norton - 877-5755     Decatur - 475-8121     Sheridan - 675-3268    Graham - 421-3411