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Twin Creeks District

Estate Planning

More wealth is transferring now than ever before as our population ages and baby boomers hand down their legacies to their families.  K-State Research and Extension provides resources to help families have a plan.  Having an estate plan can help keep the family together and keep our communities strong.  Below are classes and resources available through Extension.  To request a class for a group, contact Twin Creeks District extension agent, Stacy Brown.  

Classes Available: 

Estate Planning Basics - This class covers the basics everyone should know about estate planning.  Old or young, rich or not, everyone needs some basics in place to protect themselves and their family.

Northwest Area Estate Planning Workshops "Preserving the Family with Estate Planning" - These workshops are held in different locations in the NW Kansas area each year. Attorneys and experts provide break out sessions on different estate planning and farm transition topics.