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Prepare Kansas

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The first 2 #PrepareKansas Live videos related to Financial Preparedness are up on the KSRE Facebook page. Along with a special edition video with KDHE and Fred the Preparedness Dog, on emergency supply kits and family communication plans.

Prepare Kansas is an annual online preparedness challenge from K-State Research and Extension designed to help individuals and families be better prepared ahead of disasters which can make recovery easier. PrepareKansas Blog (Posts are made by the K-State Research and Extension Prepare Kansas Team)

Twin Creeks District Prepare Kansas participants will earn promotional items for completing all of the weekly challenges:  Examples-compass flashlights, PrepareKansas Grab'n' go bags, and waterproof tablet covers!  Bring your check sheet into the office at the end of the challenge to pick your prize!  Don't miss this opportunity to Take Steps Ahead of Disaster in your home or workplace!  Sign up today!

Just like having a working smoke detector, preparing for the unexpected in other ways makes sense.  Learn how to plan ahead for the most common emergencies we experience in Kansas – temperature extremes including drought, tornadoes, floods, and fire.

A little work now can make recovering less difficult. We’ve broken the program down to a few activities to do each week, which makes it easier than if you’re trying to do many activities from a long list.   Working on each activity gives families an opportunity to not only work together on becoming better prepared, but can spark conversations about preparedness in general and the best ways to handle future emergencies.