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Twin Creeks District

Sheridan County Websites

New Community Websites in Sheridan County and Hoxie!

Brought to you by the Extension Community Development PDC, Sheridan County Commissioners and Hoxie City Council.

What will the Community Websites Have?

Business Listings
Job Listings
Real Estate Listings
Photo Gallery
Community Calendar

How do I get to the websites?

Sheridan County: www.lovesmalltownamerica.com/sheridancountyks.php
Hoxie: www.lovesmalltownamerica.com/hoxieks.php

How do I get my business or organization listed on the website?

Contact the Sheridan County Extension Office, e-mail jshoup@ksu.edu or fill out the form below and return it to the Sheridan County Extension Office.

Business/Organization Listing Request Form

How do I get my event, meeting, photos, or job listings posted on the Community Calendar and website?

Just e-mail your information to SheridanCountyks@lovesmalltownamerica.com

How do I subscribe to the Community Calendar?

Contact Twin Creeks Extension – Hoxie Office at 785-675-3268 or e-mail jshoup@ksu.edu
Or go online to the website and click on the RSS feed icon to subscribe.

Who do I contact if my business is interested in linking a current website or having a webpage built for us?

Email Nicole Godek at Nicole@lovesmalltownamerica.com