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Twin Creeks District

Scholarships / Council Policies

Table of Contents (Clickable Titles)


Active Member Policy (Created March 2013)

To receive funding from 4-H Council the 4-H member must be an active member

Active Member Requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled in 4-H
  • Work shifts required for the Fair Food Stand
  • Complete Pin Application yearly (Most Pin Applications require the Permanent Record (Word) or(PDF) to be turned in with the Application. The 4-H'er is exempt if all pins have already been earned. A completed application that does not earn a pin still  meets the requirements.)
  • Complete 2 Fair Work Days
  • Complete 1 club community service
  • Attend at least 4 Club Meetings a year
  • Active membership will be based on the previous year. First year members are eligible for funds if 4-H leader verifies that they are working to meet active member requirements.

Senior 4-H Trip Scholarship Policy (August 2014)

Seniors who want to participate in Area, State, and National 4-H events and wish to request additional funding may request additional funding by presenting at a 4-H Council meeting.

Presentations need to cover:

  • How much money is requested
  • Describe the event
  • Why they want to attend
  • What they will gain from the event
  • How they plan to use what they learned for the Sheridan County 4-H program

4-H Council will vote to accept or deny the request and how much they will approve for the event. Money will be awarded prior to attending.

After attending the event, 4-H Council will request an activity grant report on the event.


Best KAP Awards Policy (Revised February 2013)

Best First Year Record Book

  • First year in 4-H
  • Must have at least one completed quality KAP

Best Junior Record Book

  • 7-13 years old as of January 1
  • Must have at least one completed quality KAP

Best Senior Record Book

  • 14-18 years old as of January 1
  • Must have at least 2 KAP's and the Permanent Record up to date.

~ KAP Forms ~


Top Project KAP Awards (Created May 2015)

The top quality KAPs in each project (by age level) will receive a project related prize at the Achievement Ceremony in addition to their project pin.

Ex. Top Clothing Construction KAP – Sewing Scissors. Prizes will vary and will be selected by 4-H Council each year.


Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Awards (Created May 2015)
  • First year 4-H members will receive a first year membership plaque.
  • Junior Members will receive a plaque with Grand and Reserve Champion placings from the Fair at the Achievement Ceremony.
  • Senior Members will receive an item of 4-H Council's choosing (Ex. Jacket, shirt, duffel bag) with their Grand and Reserve Champions listed from the Fair. 4-H Council will choose this item each year. If Senior members would rather receive a plaque, they will need to notify the Extension Office.
  • If they would like to purchase a plaque in addition to the 4-H Council award, they will need to notify the Extension Office and make payment to the Sheridan County 4-H Council.
    • All 4-H Fair Project Grand and Reserve Champions will be awarded


Sheridan County 4-H Council Activity Grant (2012, Revised 2016)

Sheridan County 4-H Council has made grant money available to all of its active 4-H members. The purpose of the Sheridan County 4-H Activity Grant is to encourage participation in activities and camps that will help 4-H'ers grow in their projects and as leaders.

The 4-H Activity Grant will reimburse for 4-H events and project-related educational activities to encourage leadership development of 4-H members and development in 4-H projects. It will reimburse for registration and encampment only, no food.  It will also reimburse for $.25/ mile per family per event.  

More than one application may be submitted, but each member will receive a maximum amount of $150 per year. Members will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in that year, operating on an October 1st through September 30th 4-H year. (Applications will be reviewed at 4-H Council meetings with the last review of the year taking place at the October meeting.)


4-H Activity Grant Requirements:

  • Meet active membership requirements (Active Member Policy)
  • Complete the 4-H Activity Grant Application
  • Basic Information
  • Essay/Article including event attended, what you did, what you learned, and how you will apply what you learned. (Juniors – 200 word min. / Seniors – 400 word min.)
  • Proof of registration and encampment fees
  • Attach photo if possible
  • Click for the Activity Grant Application


Sheridan County 4-H Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize Sheridan County youth for their leadership and participation in 4-H work.  Those 4-H members who remain active during their high school years are considered important role models for younger members.  By their example and encouragement, younger members can become active 4-Hers.  Active membership is what will keep 4-H alive in the county.  The scholarship winner(s) will be announced at the Achievement Ceremony in the Fall.  County members who have met the requirements below may apply multiple times but must be enrolled in post high school education to receive scholarship.  A 4-H member may only receive the scholarship once.  Three $300 scholarships may be awarded each year.  Money will awarded upon completion of senior year’s 4-H requirements and proof of enrollment.

 Requirements to receive the scholarship are listed below:

  1. Be a High School Senior or older planning to attend or attending post-secondary schooling.
  2. Be a member of 4-H all four years of high school.
  3. Be a member of a Sheridan County 4-H club for the last two years of high school.
  4. Have a GPA of 2.0 or above.
  5. Complete a 4-H Scholarship application.
  6. Turn in a one-page letter describing your 4-H experience, how it has benefited you and briefly outline your future educational plans. 
  7. Turn in a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor, a high school teacher, or college professor. 
  8. Proof of Participation in Food Stand which funds this Scholarship. (High School Participation only)
  9. Show evidence of leadership and participation in club, county, regional, and state 4-H events as shown in the individual’s 4-H KAPs and Permanent Record. Completed Permanent Record and KAPs from High School years (minimum 1 KAP per year) must be turned in with application.  
  10. To receive funding from Council members must fulfill or have fulfilled the Active Member Requirements during High School while in Sheridan County 4-H.
  11. County agents and 4-H Council reserve the right to make exceptions for special circumstances.
  12. Proof of enrollment must be submitted.

Scholarship Application